Public sector

The pressure that increases on the supply of public services, notably on the delivery of service and the need for the financial discipline, make use of advisers more and more vital. The new politics and initiatives are introduced by first and continually the capacity to reply in a manner innovative and at last to deliver quickly the services.

The mutations of the public sector in Tunisia present evidently own specificities to our country. For as much, they do not put back in cause the common elements to all the engaged reformations regarding modernization of the public management. The new politics of modernization in Tunisia presents therefore a lot of points of similarities with conducted projects in Europe and in the world.

The experience of PKF through a big variety of organizations of the public sector able us to offer you the necessary support to attain your objectives. We delivered the support and the advice to the public sector for over 20 years by a devoted and experienced team of consultants. PKF has a specialist sector public with a team of experts multidisciplinary and an experience in the specialized publicsector problems.

Privatisation & restructuration
Many emerging nations (as well as numerous developed countries) carry the historical burden of ill-conceived government investment in commercial and semi-commercial activities and organisations – so-called State-owned enterprises (SOEs) or parastatals. Even where public funding of such activities is justified, SOE management often lack the managerial skills and commercial acumen of their private sector counterparts.For more than a decade there has been an increasing commitment amongst both developed and developing nations to transfer the ownership and/or management of these activities back into the private sector and a wide range of mechanisms (privatisation, concessions, contracting-out, etc) have been developed to achieve this goal. At the same time there has been a widespread initiative to introduce more efficient performance-driven private sector-focussed management practices and techniques into those public sector orga nisations which remain under government ownership and control. For more informations about privatization in Tunisia please click here.

Our core services are:

  • audit, 
  • audit of the administrative procedures and accountants, 
  • audit of programs and projects financed by the European Union, Public sector
  • audit of programs and / or of actions raising contracts of plan States – regions, 
  • strategic advice, 
  • valuation advice, 
  • transaction evaluation, 
  • due diligences, 
  • stock exchange reporting.