Insurance companies face a range of common challenges. They need to develop innovative bindles of products and services to drive top line growth. They must pay increasing attention to the distribution network, taking into consideration agent relationships, direct selling and they must keep up with increasing regulatory scrutiny around security and capital requirements, as well as escalating attention to fraud, money laundering and other wrong doing if they are to avoid the financial and reputational risk of non compliance. Insurance companies must attend to all these challenges against a backdrop of increasing competition in a marketplace with some nature segments that are not growing at the rate that matches the objectives they have established. Thriving in this competitive landscape means working continuously to improve the ability to reach customers, and to balance the need for increased efficiency and cost control with the constant requirement for high level of service. Today insurers are increasingly competing across borders as they look to penetrate new markets.

Our office is very implied in the insurance sector, mutual insurance companies, public and private companies, in particular on the implement operational of the statutory changes. We collaborate actively with the regulatory authority on the subjects such as accounting standards, trainings, and Solvency, and our Associates are very present in the professional organisms.

Our keys of success :


  • Technical competence, the knowledge of the statutory environment and the activity comprehension. 
  • A voluntarist approach of specialization. 
  • The quality and the motivation of a team justifying a big experience in the sector
  • PKF developed relations of confidence during the last years, particularly with the traditional companies (STAR, COTUNACE) and general direction of the insurance

Our core services concern : assistance in your conversion projects to the specific standards, risk internal check, mainly in the framework Code of the insurance to dispose in permanence of a efficient internal control, internal Audit, Anticipation and mastery of the risks financial, operational, of tax…, Governance of business, Mergers & acquisitions, assurance services

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