PKF offers a career focused on obtaining maximum professionalism within the entire range of services, guaranteeing ever increasing training experience and linking this to more important responsibilities.

The rapidity of career in PKF is strictly connected to the auditor's performance and to the achievement of defined annual objectives. Internal roles are represented by the following professional functions:

An assistant collaborates with the expert auditor, assisting him in all the necessary procedures for carrying out their engagement. Basically, his duty is to check all the correspondence and the preparatory documentation to verify their correct representation of the financial statements in accordance with accounting reference principles..

The senior takes an active role in all aspects of audit engagements and refers directly to the work manager. Among his main duties is the co-ordination of the staff's work program and he participates actively in individuating and resolving problems connected with the job.

The Manager refers directly to the Partner and is responsible for the planning, orga nisation and completion of the work in order to ensure its execution in accordance with the qualitative standards required by auditing principles and IFAC Standards. He trains the team members and manages the day-to-day relations with the client.

The Partner is ultimately responsible for the audit engagement. He controls and supervises the manager's work and is personally involved with the main phases of the work planning. He builds up relationships with the professional and entrepreneurial world.

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