Welcome to Insolvency

Financial misfortune can strike any business or individual, with potentially serious and far-reaching consequences. But an experienced adviser can help you through this stressful time, minimise the impact and help you on the road to recovery.

Why choose PKF?

The way the law treats insolvency and corporate recovery varies greatly throughout the world. Some countries have almost no rules in this area; others have a complex maze of legislation. In either event, having an insolvency expert on your side is a must with a famous firm of lawyers like our associate law firm, present in Tunisia , Algeria and Libya ..

What do we offer?

A PKF corporate recovery and insolvency team can help you through situations including

  • Corporate restructuring, 
  • Negotiating with creditors, 
  • Receivership, 
  • Corporate liquidation, 
  • Seeking alternatives to insolvency.