Finance Law 2021

The main provisions provided for by Law No. 46-2020 of 23 December 2020 establishing a finance law for management 2021 are summarized as follows :

1/- Regarding corporate tax and personal income tax    3-4

            1.1 Reviewing of the corporate tax rate from 25 to 15% (Article 14)
            1.2 Reviewing of the tax regime for income from movable capital (Article 17)

          1.3 Encouragement of investment and savings (Article 16)


           1.4 Establishment of a right on gambling by internet (Article 24)


                2/- In matters of VAT, customs duties and TCL     4-5


2.1 Withdrawal of the application of the 7% VAT rate for fixed telephone services
          and fixed Internet services provided by telecommunication operators, for domestic Internet service providers and the application of the telecommunication charge for sales of fixed and mobile internet access keys (Article 26)

                   2.2 VAT exemption on medicines and pharmaceutical products in the wholesale and retail stage (Article 25)

          3/- In matters of registration and stamp duty         5

           3.1 Relaxation of procedures for the refund of registration rights proportional to the acquisition of agricultural land intended for agricultural investment (Article 29)


          4/- In terms of encouragement                                                                              


          4.1 Provisions for Companies Affected by the Impact of the Spread of “COVID-19” Coronavirus (Section 33)


          5/- Other provisions    6-7


          5.1 Support for electronic administration and simplification of procedures (Article 35)         


          5.2 Reduction of response period of the tax administration on objections of the taxpayer on the results of tax verification (Article 30)