Corporate finance - Examination of the bank terms and conditions

From the banking parts, we analyzed and checked the various commissions, agios and interests practiced by the studied bank.

With this intention, we gathered these Agios commissions and interest

  1. Interest and commissions on bank overdrafts taken quarterly by the bank
  2. Interest on credit medium term of reorganization

On the level of each category, we proceeded:

  • Initially, with the observation of the various rates and commissions calculated and applied by the bank. 
  • In second place, with the comparison with the conditions of bank if they exist  
  • In third place, with the calculation of the scales of interests and banking agios by taking account of the following assumptions:
    • Elimination of the capitalization of the banking agios on scales of interests in accordance with articles 1098 and 1099 of the code of the obligations and the contracts.
    • Elimination of on invoicings of commissions and others
    • Reports to the bank of the various mistakes and rectification of the overall amounts invoiced on the basis of the initial and consequent amounts.

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